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NECG Ruger Ghost Ring N-100G

Price: $99.00

NECG Ruger Ghost Ring This all steel ghost ring style peep sight designed to attach to any M77, No.1 or any Ruger firearm with integral bases. This is not a Ruger product therefore apertures are not interchangeable with factory Ruger sights. (Mini-14 owners: Please note this sight will work on the Ranch rifles only. It was not designed to replace the factory peep.) Fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Sight height over base: .375" with .075" of elevation. Blued Steel Only. Comes with a .093" aperture. Ghost Ring apertures .060", .125" and .215" with 8-64 thread* sold separately. N-100G NOTE: Due to Ruger Series production changes, the recoil lug slot found on the integral RUGER scope base has been found to vary in width over time. The current recoil post on our RUGER Peep sights is .118" thick. Before placing an order, should you find this recoil slot to be thinner than .118" please call us and we can custom alter the recoil post to fit your rifles lug slot.

Sight Body dimensions: Length: .915", Width: .872", Height: .555".

*8-64 aperture thread elevation adjustment: One (1) Full turn = .016" of movement. One Half (1/2) turn = .008" of movement. Please refer Sight Correction Chart for amount of correction required based on sight radius (spacing). 

Product Note: We will be unable to tell you whether this peep sight will work with your existing front sight height. We suggest installing the peep and test firing. This will establish a base line from which we can make sight correction suggestions if in fact they are required.

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Outstanding Customer Service
- 02/20/2023
My 53-year-old Ruger M-77 flat bolt handle rifle presented a clearance problem with my first choice, the N-100 model. NECG exchanged it with a modified N-100G sight which I am very well pleased with. Thank you Mark for guiding me through the process.
Great sight with a Tweak
- 09/13/2020
The large adjustment knob had the machined screw sticking out so far that I could not use a coin to snug it. The smaller knob (on the right) had the screw length correct, such that I could use a coin to snug. This right knob isn't meant to turn once adjread more
High Praise
- 08/26/2020
I have used this site for a 416 Alaskan and 7mm Mauser International. In both instances, precision was acceptable, but vastly improved with the addition of a patridge blade foresight. The brass post enhances precision compared to any bead (and I have trieread more
Amazing option for guide gun
- 05/24/2019
I will start by saying I’ve not yet been able to zero yet other than bore sighting but this is a great addition to my Ruger guide gun for hunting where I live. Too wooded for a scope and used as much for defense as hunting. My only wish is that the mainread more