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NECG RUGER Ghost Ring & Sourdough Sight Set - N-100G-SET

Price: $148.00

NECG RUGER Ghost Ring & Sourdough Sight Set - N-100G-SET.  We have combined the NECG RUGER N-100G Ghost Ring Sight and the new N-152.2 Sourdough sight into a package set. The N-100G RUGER Ghost Ring sight is all steel and fully adjustable for windage and elevation. It comes equipped with a .093" aperture with 8-64 thread*. Other sizes are available to order. Simply install the sourdough front insert into the RUGER front ramp, attach the Ghost Ring sight to the integral rear scope base, and adjust the sight with the Ghost Ring in its mid position and test fire. You can lower the top of the sourdough sight to raise the point of impact if required. Once sighted in, an overall height will have been established.  If desired, you can now order bead front sights to match the sourdough insert.

Sight Body dimensions: Length: .915", Width: .872", Height: .555".

*8-64 aperture thread elevation adjustment: One (1) Full turn = .016" of movement. One Half (1/2) turn = .008" of movement. Please refer Sight Correction Chart for amount of correction required based on sight radius (spacing). 

NECG RUGER Front Sight Inserts: Ruger makes two different front sight dovetails. One has the bead lock plunger at the face of the bead and the other one is at the muzzle end of the insert. They are also two different dovetail lengths. Our NECG RUGER Beads are designed to work in both dovetails. When the plunger is at the face of the bead, unscrew the set screw and fit the sight insert until the plunger engages the hole. On the version with the plunger at the muzzle, when the sight insert is completely in the dovetail, tighten the set screw to lock the sight in place. You will see that our beads have a notch on the muzzle end of the dovetail. This notch corresponds with the length of the short Ruger dovetail. Simply trim the sight insert to this notch for the bead to fit the short dovetail length. The end of the insert can be cold blued. Fitting NECG RUGER Sight Inserts: Use a sheet of 220-320 grit sandpaper on a clean, flat surface. Set the sight down onto the sandpaper. Push the sight back and forth several times, being careful to keep the sight flat on the sandpaper. From time to time try the insert in the dovetail. Repeat as required until the insert slides completely into the dovetail. Tip: From time to time tilt the insert @ 45 degrees to the left and to the right to break the edge of the inserts dovetail. Breaking these edges may be all that is required to fit the insert. For the final fitting of the sight insert we suggest some gun grease or oil on the bottom of the sight insert.


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