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NECG Tikka T3 / 16mm Ghost Ring Sight - N-116G

Price: $99.00

NECG Tikka T3 / 16mm Ghost Ring Sight N-116G. This all steel peep sight is designed to attach to a Tikka T3 action or any firearm with a 16mm wide dovetail base. It is fully adjustable for elevation and windage. The center of the aperture, in its lowest position, is .375" above the top of the receiver. There is .100" of elevation. The maximum height is .475". Blued Steel Only. Comes with a .093" aperture with 8-64 thread*. Ghost Ring apertures .060", .125" and .215" sold separately.

Sight Body dimensions: Length: .915", Width: .872", Height: .555".

*8-64 aperture thread elevation adjustment: One (1) Full turn = .016" of movement. One Half (1/2) turn = .008" of movement. Please refer Sight Correction Chart for amount of correction required based on sight radius (spacing). 

Product Note: This sight does not have a recoil lug as it was designed to attach to a full 16mm dovetail. (On the Tikka T3 actions a single 6-48 screw can be used in one of the tapped holes in the action to aid as a stop.)

Product Note: We will be unable to tell you whether this peep sight will work with your existing front sight height. We suggest installing the peep and test firing. This will establish a base line from which we can make sight correction suggestions if in fact they are required.

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