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NECG - EAW Peep Sight - "Limited Edition"

Price: $120.00

NECG-EAW Peep Sight. NECG is bringing back a limited number of the original N-105 EAW Peep Sights.  All steel peep is designed to lock into the rear base of the EAW Quick-Loc Pivot mount. Works best on Winchester 70, Remington 700 and other similar long rear bridge actions. Does not work on Mauser actions. Sight comes with .093" and .125" apertures using industry standard 7/32"-40 thread commonly used in other sight brands.

Overall length w/ aperture: 1.300". Length of sight body: 1.065". Width of body: .750" Elevation Adjustment: @ .180" total. Windage: @ .120" total. Lowest sight setting is @ .200" above the scope base. 

Fitting: To fit the N-105 EAW Peep to your EAW Quick-Loc Rear Base. You will be adjusting the N-105 Sight base plate to fit your EAW Rear Base after you have adjusted the rear base lock up for your scope rings. First remove the windage screws from the N-105 Peep Sight. Drift out the base plate with the "T" shaped foot. Make note how the base plate is in the body. The "T" foot is to the left side of the sight body. Gently stone / or file the Right radius, checking its fit in the base from time to time. You want to stone the radius until the rear base locking lever lowers to about 2:00-2:30 or same position as when the scope ring is in the base. Call 603-287-4836 for more details. 

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