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NECG Full Moon Rear Sight Insert N-125

Price: $49.00

NECG "Full Moon" Rear Sight Insert The N-125 was designed to work in the Classic Adjustable Rear Sight Base (SOLD SEPARATELY). Any firearm with an ERA / NECG Classic Adjustable rear sight will be able to use this unique sight. All steel construction with black oxide finish. Supplied with a .215" "Full Moon" 8-64 thread* aperture with a lowest sight setting of .350" with .075" of elevation adjustment. When used in our "Classic Adjustable Rear Base" the sight height is .575" in its lowest position up to .650" in its highest position. 16mm dovetail length to be used with our Classic Rear Sight Base R-201B ordered separately. Classic base height from barrel to dovetail 5mm / .200". A "Half Moon" Aperture Stem (N-HM093) with its .093" opening may be purchased separately.

*8-64 aperture thread elevation adjustment: One (1) Full turn = .016" of movement. One Half (1/2) turn = .008" of movement. Please refer Sight Correction Chart for amount of correction required based on sight radius (spacing). 

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