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NECG Grooved 22 Peep Sight N-108

Price: $99.00

NECG Grooved .22 Peep N-108. BACK IN STOCK. This sight was designed to be used on grooved rimfire receivers or 1/2" wide dovetail scope bases with either a flat top or round body or base. Each sight comes with one .093" aperture and one .125" aperture and an Allen wrench. While this all steel sight does not have "click" style adjustments, it is fully adjustable to windage and elevation. With the elevation slide in its lowest position the center of the aperture is .360" from the bottom of the elevation slide. There is .175" of adjustment with an elevation range from .360" up to .535" high. Overall length is 1.070", .750" width and .640" high from the bottom on the clamps to the top of the sight body. The aperture shank is 7/32"-40 thread which is commonly used by other brands so other aperture options are readily available. 

The sight body is 1.070" long, .750" wide and .640" high measured from the bottom of the sight clamps to the top of the standing body.

Product Note: We will be unable to tell you whether this peep sight will work with your existing front sight height. We suggest installing the peep and test firing. This will establish a base line from which we can make sight correction suggestions.

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