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EAW "Quick-Loc"Mounts

EAW "Quick-Loc" Pivot Mount in Motion
100% Return to Zero
You will rarely, if ever, read the words "German" and "Under Engineered" in the same sentence. Most German made products are the way they are simply due to the genius engineering that went into them. This holds true for the EAW "Quick-Loc" pivot mount. When I started my gunsmithing career at Paul Jaeger Inc. in 1984, learning how to mount scopes in these mounts was quite the experience. But it did not take long to work out the bugs in the English translation and insert some basic common sense applications. The EAW mounts proved to be awesome.
The EAW "Quick-Loc" design is "Stress Free". The EAW front ring controls the overall height of the scope over the action and has a built in "hinge". This "hinge" allows the scope to be leveled. The rear ring assembly is made up of a ring and an elevation block with built in windage adjustment. The elevation blocks come in 0.5mm or .020" increments in thickness and changing them raises or lowers the rear ring height. This controls the overall alignment of the scope to the center line of the bore. Once this is done then the "hinge" is tightened to lock the scope into its leveled alignment. This design eliminates the stress caused by uneven or "out of spec" receiver short NO MORE SHIMS!! or time consuming re-fitting of the bases. 90% + of your collimating is done with the mount, so in theory you will use very little of the scopes adjustment when sighting in.
Let me back up a step... The conventional "Redfield style" scope mount bases, like most mounts in the U.S. market, have a top surface that is flat and parallel with each other when attached to an action. To these bases you fit a set of rings of equal height: Low, Medium, High and so on.... The "Redfield" style mount does have Windage adjustment however, the only way to correct a misalignment in elevation would be to "shim" the bases or re-machine a base to correct the uneven bridge height difference. This is where that "hinged" EAW front ring design comes into play.... now back to the story...
...The EAW design allows you to level or align the scope to correct any manufacturing issues with the action. It also takes into account the uneven heating and cooling or expansion and contraction of alloy scope tubes and steel rifle actions....that's part of the genius thing I mentioned earlier... Remember the rear ring assembly is made up of a ring and a elevation block.  On the bottom of the elevation block is a "T" shaped foot. There are radiuses on both the left and right edges of this foot. The foot will rest on two shafts that run parallel to each other in the rear base. The left shaft is eccentric and controls the tension exerted on the foot and the overall lock up. The right shaft is the spring loaded lock-up and release and it is eccentric as well. When reattaching the mounted scope to the bases the rear ring swings into position, the foot rotates this spring loaded right shaft out of the way allowing the foot to enter the base. Once the foot rests against the left shaft the lock-up then rotates into position and secures the ring in place. Now the foot is resting on the two shafts and is centered in the base opening. This design allows the rear ring to move forwards and backwards as the scope body expands and contracts during heating and cooling thus eliminating the stress exerted when it gets hot, like being out in the sun....pretty cool...excuse the pun.
The truly amazing aspect of the EAW "Quick-Loc" mount is that once installed and adjusted you can remove and reinstall the scope with "0" (ZERO) point of impact change. This will allow for quick access to your open sights in tight quarters, breaking the gun down for more compact traveling or it allows you to mount multiple scopes on one gun all the while returning to "Zero" when it's all back together. It takes mere seconds to remove and reinstall a scope.

These mounts are not cheap but they are the very best at what they do. 

Contact us for more information.....

                                  Parts that make up an EAW "Quick-Loc" Pivot Mount

Front Extension Rings
17mm, 22mm, 26mm, 38mm & 45mm extensions
Low 10mm (.394")
High 12mm (.470")
XHigh 14mm (.550") (34mm)
Straight Front Rings
High 12mm (.470")
X-High 14mm (.550") (34mm)

Front Base 
Adjustable for pivot tension
5mm High
Rear Rings
in .5mm (.020") increments.
Heights from 4mm (.160") to 11.5mm (.460")

Elevation Blocks
Combined with the rear ring for overall height. Available in .5mm (.020") increments. 
Heights from 3.5mm (.140") to 11mm (.440")
Quick-Loc Rear Base
With spring-loaded locking lever
6-8mm high


EAW Quick-Loc Mounts:

Group A:
A-Bolt, Dakota, FN Mauser, Rem 700, Wby Mark V, Win 70
1"(26mm)= (E-A1Q)

Group B:
Mannlicher-Schoenauer, Mauser 66

Group C:
All other models or other heights

Quick-Loc Components:

Pair of mount bases =  (E-110)

Pair of 1" (26mm) rings = (E-100)

Pair of 30mm rings = (E-300)

Pari of 34mm rings = (E-340)

Receiver sight:
For EAW Quick-Loc bases 

Available for:
BRNO Fox / CZ 527
A-Bolt Mauser, BAR, BLR
76, 97
SR20, 30
336, 444, etc.
98, 98 w/bulb
94, 96
700, 7, 742
7400, 7600
all Hunting
200, 202 Base
110, 99
M-S, L,M,S
MK, V, Jr
Mod 70 3-hole spacings, 88
Other bases available:
Blank bases
Carl Gustav
Parker Hale
Santa Barbara
Schultz & Larsen
11mm dovetail
16mm dovetail
19mm dovetail

and others,


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