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NECG CZ 527 Ghost Ring Peep & Patridge Sight Set N-104-Set

Price: $143.00

CZ 527 N-104 Ghost Ring Peep and Patridge Sight Set.  For use with the older CZ front sight ramps having the removable European dovetail system. We have combined the NECG CZ 527 N-104 Ghost Ring Peep and the N-162 Patridge sight into a package set. The N-104 Ghost ring peep sight is all steel and fully adjustable for windage and elevation. It comes equipped with a .093" aperture with 8-64 thread*.  Sizes .060", .125" and .215" apertures are available to order from our website. Since we are not able to tell you exactly what front bead sight to order, we can tell you the patridge front sight can be used. Simply install the patridge front insert, attach the peep adjust with the aperture in its mid position and test fire. You can lower the top of the patridge sight to raise the point of impact if required. Once sighted in, an overall height will have been established and you can now order bead front sights to match the patridge insert if so desired.

Sight Body dimensions: Length: .915", Width: .872", Height: .555".

*8-64 aperture thread elevation adjustment: One (1) Full turn = .016" of movement. One Half (1/2) turn = .008" of movement. Please refer Sight Correction Chart for amount of correction required based on sight radius (spacing). 

Product Note: The newer CZ 527's are equipped with a front ramp with an adjustable red fiber optic insert. From what we are hearing this new front sight is adjustable and compatable with our N-104 CZ 527 Ghost Ring so no sight insert changing is required. Therefore you should simply order the N-104 by itself. 

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