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NECG Masterpiece Banded Ramp R-100

Price: $119.00

NECG Masterpiece Banded Ramp. This popular ramp is widely used by custom gunmakers all over the world. It's all steel construction and graceful styling make it the first choice of many customers. The ramp will accept all of the Masterpiece Banded Ramp inserts. The hood is locked into position by a spring loaded detent button. Delivered "In the White" as it requires gunsmith installation. Overall length is 85mm or 3.346". Inside diameter is not tapered. Band thickness @ .040". Heights listed are from the top of the barrel to the bottom of the sight insert dovetail. To achieve centerline of bore add half of the muzzle dimension to the ramp height. Ramp only. Sight inserts sold separately.

SIGHT HEIGHT CORRECTION: If you need to correct the point of impact, by changing the front sight, we need to know the following:

1) Distance from the front sight to the rear sight, in inches.

2) The amount of correction needed, in inches @ 25, 50, or 100 yds.

3) The overall height of the existing front sight insert, top to bottom, in thousands of inch. 

This information can be emailed to us at for calculation and sight height correction suggestions. 

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