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Sempert & Krieghoff Drilling

Price: $13,895.00

Sempert & Krieghoff Drilling: Vintage early "Neptun-Primus' Sidelock drilling in 16 Ga.x 16 Ga. x 8x57JR with .22 Hornet and .22 L.R. barrel inserts. This gun was restored by NECG in 1997 and well kept ever since. The gun has a "Dural" receiver with detachable trigger plate and weighs in at 6 pounds 5 ounces. The 23.5" barrels have short 2 9/16" chambers and choked .007"(I.C.) & .013"(Mod). Gun comes with a fitted canvas case, snap caps, sling and a mix of factory ammunition.  Please email us at for more information on this gun.

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